At Datwyler, we offer our customers the most advanced applications to protect the integrity of these crucial systems while ensuring a convenient handling.

Prefilled Syringes

Reliable integrity paired with flawless handling.

Advanced formulations for advanced applications.

Our offering

Capabilities to produce plungers for standard 0.5ml to 10ml prefilled syringes.

Capabilities to design and produce customized plungers with sizes from 0.5ml to up to 50ml.

A range of plungers compatible with several secondary delivery devices, including auto-injectors.

Internal tests to confirm drug product compatibility and stability.

Products meeting the requirements specified in ISO standard 11040-5.

Consulting and various tests for the correct selection of the optimal components.

Our commitment to quality and purity.

Needle Shields

Patient's safety first. Individual closures for prefilled syringes.

Prefilled Syringes

Needle shields protect prefilled syringes safely and effectively.

Datwyler’s rigid needle shields. Best-in-class offering.