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Sustainability has never been discussed in as many different ways as it is today. Which trend do you consider to be the most important, and which developments do you view with concern?
What role does sustainability play for Datwyler?
What are these strengths?
You said that Datwyler has been living corporate sustainability for more than 100 years. What is a focus today that didn’t play a major role in the past?
In recent years, Datwyler has taken the issue of sustainability up a notch. What is particularly important in this pursuit?
Where do you see further potential for expansion at Datwyler in terms of sustainability?
We are still in the midst of a pandemic. In times like these, does it make sense to focus on sustainability and continue to invest in this direction, or are there more urgent things to do?
What are the benefits of sustainability at Datwyler for customers?
Does the “climate neutrality 2030” target make sense?
What are the most recent sustainability milestones for you?
What is important to you for the future?

1 Sustainability overview.

State-of-the-art production at the plant in Schattdorf, Switzerland

2 Governance.

Sabrina Gérard
Where does Datwyler stand in terms of sustainability and what will be your focus as Head of Sustainability & Agility?
What do you see as the main priority as well as the main challenge to implementing the sustainability strategy?
You are also Head of Agility at Datwyler. How can agility support the sustainability journey?

2.4 Focus topics.

Compliance and Ethics.

3 Environmental.

3.1 Climate neutral operations 2030.

3.2 High-quality products and ecodesign.

3.3 Resource friendly production.

Responsible use of natural resources is an important principle for Datwyler as a manufacturing company

3.4 Sustainable procurement.

Marc Philippeth
What are the main challenges for procurement during a pandemic?
What is the main lesson you learned from these challenges and how are you addressing it?

4 Social.

4.1 Employer of Choice.

4.2 Value-driven engagement with customers.

4.3 Safe and healthy workforce.

4.4 Engagement for sustainability.



Sustainability Report 2020

Sabrina Gérard

Portrait image of Guido Unternährer

Guido Unternährer