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1 Sustainability overview.

State-of-the-art production at the plant in Schattdorf, Switzerland

2 Governance.

2.4 Focus topics.

Compliance and Ethics.

3 Environmental.

3.1 Climate neutral operations 2030.

3.2 High-quality products and ecodesign.

3.3 Resource friendly production.

Responsible use of natural resources is an important principle for Datwyler as a manufacturing company

3.4 Sustainable procurement.

Marc Philippeth
What are the main challenges for procurement during a pandemic?
What is the main lesson you learned from these challenges and how are you addressing it?

4 Social.

4.1 Employer of Choice.

4.2 Value-driven engagement with customers.

4.3 Safe and healthy workforce.

4.4 Engagement for sustainability.



Sustainability Report 2020

Sabrina Gérard

Portrait image of Guido Unternährer

Guido Unternährer