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Datwyler’s most advanced manufacturing standard, FirstLine™, is specially designed to manufacture pharmaceutical rubber components for high-end pharmaceutical and biotech markets in a fully integrated cleanroom environment conforming to the highest industry standards. The FirstLine™ manufacturing concept is based on ultra-modern cleanroom technology, automated production cells, fully automated camera inspection, and a unique validated washing process. All facilities aligned with the FirstLine™ manufacturing standard are specially designed and operated under a zero-defect philosophy.

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Healthcare Services


As a thought leader in the industry, Datwyler continuously strives for and accelerates innovation. In doing so, the company enables its customers to bring the most advanced and in-demand products to the worldwide market. Datwyler offers a suite of services designed to promote product safety and efficacy, secure a safe and fast regulatory approval, and ensure a path towards future growth. Datwyler’s four service fields provide a comprehensive solution for primary and secondary packaging needs: lab testing, custom product design, simulations: Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and business continuity plans.

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