Datwyler wants to be a player in eco-engines.

Luzerner Zeitung,

Braking Systems: Technological advances that bring us to standstill.

e-Mobility Technology International - Volume 8 Issue Spring 2021

Datwyler components increase patient and driver safety.

Moneycab Online,

The hybrid conundrum.

CES Connected Industry Solutions - Volume 2021 Issue 2

How can the environmental impact be reduced with sealings considering the increasingly stricter emission regulations?

Automobile Industry China - AI China,


Green Means Go.

WardsAuto Online,

Swiss Partners Aim to Stack the Deck on Electroactive Polymers.

AutoBeat Online,

Efficient Method for Characterizing the Service Lifetime of Rubber Seals.

KGK – 10/2020

Sealing solution for a new thermoset cover in the LeiMot project.

KGK – 10/2020

Focus on intelligent sealing solutions.

Brakes off electrohydraulic booster technology.

AI Automotive Industries,

Sealing components for electric vehicles.

KEM Konstruktion,

More than halving development times is not uncommon.

Dicht – Volume 2020 Issue 3

As EVs evolve, so too must their components.

Automotive World Magazine – Issue 2020 08

Plastic makes combustion engines 25 percent lighter.

K Zeitung Online,

How the requirements of the cars of the future change component design.

Design World,

Right hardware will ease transition to electrification.

WardsAuto Online,

Electrification places new demands on materials.

ATZ Online,

Traceability. Integrated RFID tags stand for transparent supply chains.

MM Logistik Magazin - Volume 2020 Issue 2


Increase the availability of motorized tools.

Dicht – Volume 2019 Issue 4

Dielectric coolants in e-mobility.

Dicht – Volume 2020 Yearbook


Datwyler and CTsystems develop polymer actuators.

ATZ Online,