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Fostering an agile self-learning organization

Fostering an agile self-learning organization.

Frank Schoubben
Employee Spotlight

Agile organization.

Constantly working on better solutions
Employee Spotlight

Constantly working on better solutions.

Our Agility Movement helps to connect the right people
Employee Spotlight

Our Agility Movement helps to connect the right people.

Continuous improving processes

Continuous improving processes.

Electro Active Polymer
Electro Active Polymer (EAP)

Advanced manufacturing of a novel actuation technology. Transducer with versatile high performance.

Brake Systems
Brake Systems

Polymer components
for brake applications.

Supplier portal
Supplier responsibility

Together with our suppliers, we strive for top performance.

Thin film membranes
Thin film membranes

High-speed manufacturing of high-performance thin film membranes.

Feasibility Check
Feasibility Check

We advise you about the manufacturability of your ideas.

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