Integrated electronics: The intelligence in the seal


Haptic Feedback: At the Interface Between Human and Machine


Datwyler wants to be a player in eco-engines.

Luzerner Zeitung,

Top of the year receives reward.

Urner Zeitung,

Apprentice award for Datwyler apprentice with best grade.

Urner Zeitung,

Coffee capsules are being produced in Schattdorf by the billions.

NZZ – Neue Zürcher Zeitung,
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Promotion of women begins with the recruitment process.

Luzerner Zeitung / ROI Spezial 2021

Braking Systems: Technological advances that bring us to standstill.

e-Mobility Technology International - Volume 8 Issue Spring 2021

Revolutionary monitoring at home.

Medical Device Developments – Volume 2021 Issue 1

Five things to consider for building an Industry 4.0-compatible supply chain.

Pharmaceutical Technology Online,

Smart Goals and Continuous Improvement for a Resilient Sustainability Strategy.

Pharma Technology Focus - Issue 107,

Designing parenteral packaging for the sensitivities of large molecule injectables.

Pharmaceutical Technology Online,

Datwyler components increase patient and driver safety.

Moneycab Online,

Looking forward to the next generation of parenteral packaging: simplified administration and zero defects.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Online,

PROTXX and Datwyler Demonstrate Dry-Electrode-Based Neurostimulation.

EIN Presswire,

The hybrid conundrum.

CES Connected Industry Solutions - Volume 2021 Issue 2

Quality is king: The case to put quality first in pharmaceutical packaging.

Pharmaceutical Technology Online,

The process of pharmaceutical elastomer selection for injectable biologics

Pharmaceutical Technology Online,

Smart goals and continuous improvement for a resilient sustainability strategy.

Pharmaceutical Technology Online,

How can the environmental impact be reduced with sealings considering the increasingly stricter emission regulations?

Automobile Industry China - AI China,

Riding the Waves.

Design News Online,

Datwyler contributes to Covid 19 vaccines.

Finanz und Wirtschaft,

Electrode Design for Wearables: Points to Consider.

Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI),

Datwyler with strong demand in Healthcare Solutions and Food & Beverage units.

NZZ The Market,

Building a better profiled syringe for COVID-19 vaccine packaging.

ONdrugDelivery Magazine - Issue 117

Covid vaccines, world herd immunity only in three years.

Il Giorno Online,

Healthcare and Food & Beverage with strong demand.

Luzerner Zeitung,

Strong performance in extraordinary times.

SRF News Börse,

Drug Defense: Designing Against Defects.

Pharma Technology Focus - Issue 103,

Looking forward to the next generation of macromolecular injection packaging: simplified administration and zero pollution.

InnoMD Online,

Looking forward to the next generation of macromolecular injection packaging: simplified administration and zero pollution.

Medtec China Online,


Drug defence: designing against defects.

Designing against defects.

Packaging News Online,

Preserving the Parenterals of Tomorrow: How the Right Components, and Their Manufacturing Setup, Can Meet the Needs of an Evolving Market.

IPI - Volume 12 Issue 4

Securing the supply.

Pharma Manufacturing – Volume 19 Issue 9

«Pestalozzi Stiftepriis 2020» award at the Polymechanics.

Urner Wochenblatt,

Green Means Go.

WardsAuto Online,

No to the Corporate Responsibility Initiative.

Urner Zeitung,

Swiss Partners Aim to Stack the Deck on Electroactive Polymers.

AutoBeat Online,

The Process of Pharmaceutical Elastomer Selection for Injectable Biologics.

American Pharmaceutical Review,

Preserving the Parenterals of Tomorrow: How the Right Components, and Their Manufacturing Setup, Can Meet the Needs of an Evolving Market.

American Pharmaceutical Review – Volume 23 Issue 7,

Efficient Method for Characterizing the Service Lifetime of Rubber Seals.

KGK – 10/2020

Sealing solution for a new thermoset cover in the LeiMot project.

KGK – 10/2020

Preserving the parenterals of tomorrow.

Packaging News Online,

Drug Protection: Eliminate Defects.


Focus on intelligent sealing solutions.

Brakes off electrohydraulic booster technology.

AI Automotive Industries,

The Next Generation of Coated Plungers from Datwyler.

Plastic Net

Smart goals and continuos improvement for a resilient sustainability strategy.

ONdrugDelivery Magazine - Issue 112

The Next Generation of Coated Plungers from Datwyler.


Sealing components for electric vehicles.

KEM Konstruktion,

#ForwardsUpwards: We shape the future together with our customers.

Central Swiss Business Initiative,

Professionals from Uri compete with the best in their field at the professional championships.

Luzerner Zeitung,

More than halving development times is not uncommon.

Dicht – Volume 2020 Issue 3

Injection Devices: Will COVID-19 Deliver Growth to the Market?

Drug Development & Delivery - Volume 20 Issue 6

As EVs evolve, so too must their components.

Automotive World Magazine – Issue 2020 08

Plastic makes combustion engines 25 percent lighter.

K Zeitung Online,

Achieving Zero Defects in a Pandemic.

PMPS - Issue 2020 08

How the requirements of the cars of the future change component design.

Design World,

Right hardware will ease transition to electrification.

WardsAuto Online,

Electrification places new demands on materials.

ATZ Online,

«Aiming for Perfection in a Pandemic», an opinion by Datwyler.

BioSpectrum Asia Online,

«Unbossed»: When bosses let go and let their employees do.


Innovating Drug Delivery to Carry Us to the ‘New Normal’.

MPO - Issue 2020 05

Traceability. Integrated RFID tags stand for transparent supply chains.

MM Logistik Magazin - Volume 2020 Issue 2

How the drug delivery systems market is changing.

Medical Plastics News - Issue 14,

Datwyler launches spray-coated plungers to minimise leachables.


Increase the availability of motorized tools.

Dicht – Volume 2019 Issue 4

Dielectric coolants in e-mobility.

Dicht – Volume 2020 Yearbook

Ensuring Container Closure Integrity through a Parenteral Packaging System Approach.

IPI - Volume 11 Issue 3

Elastomer manufacturing: primary packaging for parenteral drugs.

World Pharmaceitocal Frontiers – 2019 Volume 2


Datwyler and CTsystems develop polymer actuators.

ATZ Online,